Easter Egg Lucky Draw

# of Prizes:5
Only Facebook registed users can participate in the activity. You may Share the Poll to your friends and get "Second Chance" to be the lucky one.

Easter only comes once a year, so... Time for an Easter egg raffle!

To participate follow these simple steps:

1. We have no less than five prizes in our giant Easter egg raffle this year. 

Overall Odds: >10%

2. Log in to get and view your own lucky code.

3. Each account has 1 free chance. Click the “Get Lucky Code” button to try your luck.

4. Prizes will be shipped out within 3 business days.

5. The event will be held 72 hours after the release, and the prize will be drawn when the number of participants reaches 50.

6. The award results will be published on the page when the activity finished. The winning user will receive the station letter sent by the system and submit the receiving address.

Invite your friends!

The more the merrier so do invite your friends. You will lose nothing by doing it. 

Once you recommend 3 friends successfully register, you will get one more chance to win.


Prizes are only delivered to the US

Only for Facebook users to participate

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Lucky Winners

Easter is a time of joy, and there are many fun traditions surrounding this holiday: gifts of chocolate and candies nestled in baskets filled with green “grass”, colored hard-boiled eggs, bouquets of lilies and other flowers in soft, pastel shades and perhaps the biggest thrill for kids: the Easter Bunny.  We have plenty of great Easter ideas.

Have fun and good luck with your Easter Day!

Easter Bunny is the central character for many Easter celebrations and provides the perfect foil to any number of holiday-themed activities.

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