September 10th, 2019

2019 Apple Special Event Has Not Started Yet, Tinkleo Has Already Begun Its Crazy 2,000 iPhone 11 Giveaway

For the final confirmation of the 2019 Apple Special Event on September 10 the first time, Tinkleo, the new fastest-growing e-commerce brand, officially made a super decision on “2,000 IPHONE 11 GIVEAWAY”. Along with other Apple devices released in 2019 including new Macbook, iPad, Airpods and Earpods, the iPhone 11, is one of the top prizes at Tinkleo Prime Lucky Spin, which is only open to Tinkleo prime members. Excited and shocked, all Apple prizes reach 77,700 to a share of over $10,000,000 worth. Such an event is unprecedented in giveaway history!

Jerry Xu & Tinkleo

Jerry Xu ever served at Mattel China as a design director in his early vocation. Later, he started creative gifts business and had orders with China pavilion in Shanghai World Expo 2010. “We missed some chances in the past. Whatever, we now choose it and have started, a bit late, but users’ love tells us a promising future.” Jerry Xu knew manufacturing very well and missed many chances in the early years of the Internet business. Successful tries on Amazon, Ebay and other third-party platforms helped him make a solid decision: build an independent online shop brand to reach people a happy online buying experience. “Not everyone could afford a new Apple product like the iPhone or MacBook. And some are reluctant to pay for it. Here Tinkleo can. Everyone gets access to have the latest Apple prizes. This is a very good way. Users are happy to join and share with friends. We'll also push more fun ways to improve the joy of online buying experience, as well as save money for them in the future. ”

The Decision of 2,000 iPhone 11 Giveaway

In May of 2019, Tinkleo Regular Lucky Spin was online. IPhone X Max, which will be updated to the newest iPhone 11 after September 10 launch, is set up as the Top 1 prize. According to official statistics: close to 5,000 members have successfully signed up and joined Regular Lucky Spin. Over 20 members have won top prizes. Around 10 members have spun for more than 50 days. There is one member even participating in every day. One active member has successfully invited more than 100 friends to join. The data tells a rather good reputation of Tinkleo Regular Lucky Spin. It also provides enough reference for Tinkleo to set more Apple prizes at Prime Lucky Spin. It directly speeds up to make the decision on “2,000 iPhone 11 Giveaway”.

“Is It Real?”

Kevin gives the final answer. Check his prize show here.

With 2,000 iPhone 11 Giveaway, Tinkleo celebrates the success of the 2019 Apple Special Event and good luck to everyone!

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