2019 Christmas Lucky News at Tinkleo Regular Lucky Spin
November 18th, 2019

2019 Christmas Lucky News at Tinkleo Regular Lucky Spin

As Christmas is coming, we all are counting down to Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2019. For the lucky guys at Tinkleo Regular Lucky Spin, have you lucky spinners anticipated to win more than ever?! 
YES. SURE. DEFINITELY. Because Tinkleo official has already made a decision to offer more prizes during Christmas at Tinkleo Regular Lucky Spin. Over three physical prizes will come a week. It will be much more easy to win than usual. 

PERIOD: Nov. 20, 2019 – Dec. 26, 2019 

Below are 2019 Christmas prizes at Tinkleo Regular Lucky Spin for your best reference:
i. Grand Prize: iPhone 11 Pro 
ii. Top Xmas Prize(Creative LED Night Light Decorative Lamp): $30.99/pc
iii. Top Xmas Prize(Christmas Decorative LED Star Heart Night Lamp): $14.88/pc
iv. Top Xmas Prize(Women Christmas Singlet Dress): $12.88/pc
v. Top Xmas Prize(Christmas Old Man Faceless Stand Doll): $4.30/pc
vi. Top Xmas Prize(Three-dimensional Dolls Christmas Tree Pendant Ornaments): $2.61/pc
vii. Coupon Prize($35 OFF): order over $200 to save $35
viii. Thank You: to thanks for your participation
After this period, old or new prizes will be updated to your lucky reach through a normal possibility to win. Miss it and by this time next year will do. 
Do remember to tell the good news to your friends. High five and Good luck!

If you’ll win a physical prize, we highly recommend you to take the last step instantly by making a $0.01 payment with no hesitation. In the past, inside stats told us that so many lucky spinners didn’t finish this step timely to miss the top prizes, including free iPhones. What a pity! Hereby we should remind you again to check emails from us, including spam box. 
If you’ll win a coupon prize, we hope that you redeem it as fast as you can before termination, for we rarely offer the big coupons in normal days. Old lucky spinners please check coupon prizes in your account and use them in time. Or most of them will be expired after 2019. 

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