3m n95 mask buying guide
February 29th, 2020

3M N95 Mask Buying Guide, Types of Respirator Masks

3M is a world-famous American manufacturing company, formerly known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. It produces a lot of high-quality industrial products, as well as medical supplies and household goods. I believe that each of our partners has used several 3M products.

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3M is also a world-renowned N95 mask brand. It has NIOSH certification and comes in different styles and sizes. A Rain below will introduce the differences between 3M mask models.

Most protective masks are clearly marked on the outside of the mask, which can be used to identify the model of the outlet mask, NIOSH certification and other information.



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The most common N95 mask model on the market can filter at least 95% of solid or liquid non-oily particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or more. The use of advanced electrostatic media technology can enhance particle capture capabilities, while reducing breathing resistance, allowing the wearer to breathe more smoothly; the elastic band is more durable with a welded connection, and the foam nose pad design makes it more comfortable to wear.

There is also an economical version of the equivalent N95-8200; a woven headband that is not easy to pull on the hair to make it more comfortable to wear; and the same product N95-8110S that is more suitable for small face people.



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Based on the 8210, a 3M Cool Flow breathing valve has been added to make breathing (exhalation) easier, keep the face cool and reduce the moisture accumulated inside the mask. The N95 mask with breathing valve will be more comfortable to use in a hot and humid environment, and it is also suitable for situations where you need to wear a mask for a long time.

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The principle of the one-way breathing valve is that when the breath is exhaled, the valve will be opened a little to make the air easier to discharge, but when not breathing or inhaling, the valve will automatically seal tightly to maintain the protective effect. As for whether you want to worry about germs coming in from the open valve when the air flow is exchanged, it's a matter of opinion.

What is more interesting is that in the FAQ of N95 masks, CDC asked whether medical institutions can use N95 masks with breathing valves. The CDC believes that N95 masks can be used when it is not necessary to maintain a sterile environment; however, the breathing valve allows unfiltered air to flow out and will contaminate the sterile environment, so it should not be used in sterile environments such as operating rooms for invasive surgery .

So can I understand the meaning of CDC as that the N95 mask with breathing valve is the same in terms of protective effect and meets the N95 standard, but it is not a two-way protection. The sick / probably sick person wears a breathing valve N95 mask, germs may flow out? The N95 mask without a breathing valve protects itself and others, but the N95 mask with a breathing valve only protects itself and cannot protect others.



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The most popular N95 mask with a breathing valve on the market. The breathing valve can keep the inside of the mask cool, which is more suitable for hot, humid environments, or situations that require long wearing. Knitted headband and M-shaped nose clip for added comfort.

There is also a N95-8211 mask with an additional cushioned design on the basis of 8511, and a soft inner layer for additional comfort.


N95-9210+ / 9211+

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The Aura series N95 mask uses a folding three-dimensional three-dimensional structure design to reduce the problem of fogging on the glasses. The chin design is more convenient to wear a mask, positioning and adjustment, and has an innovative breakthrough in portability and comfort. The 9210+ N95 mask does not have a breathing valve, and the 9211+ version has a breathing valve.


N95-9105 / 9105S

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The VFlex series is an economical version of the portable N95 mask. The proprietary V-shaped fold design makes it easier to breathe, it can bend with the movement of the mouth, and it is more convenient to wear a mask to speak.


N95 mask for welding and metal casting

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The welded and metal-cast versions of the N95 masks are all made of fire-resistant material, which can filter out metal fumes, and all have 3M Cool Flow breathing valves.

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N95-8212: Anti-caking technology can reduce breathing resistance, which is conducive to long-term use; the veneer cushion design is closer to the face to improve comfort, the M-shaped nose clip is easier to adjust, and the adjustable headband.

N95-8214: Add activated carbon adsorption layer on top of 8212, which can filter ozone and harmful organic vapor.

N95-8515: Economical welded version of the N95 mask, M nose clip, braided headband design for added comfort.


R95 and P95 masks

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As professional protection products for harsh environments, both R95 and P95 masks can filter oily particles and non-oily particles. R series masks are resistant to oil mist; P series masks are resistant to oil and can be used wherever protection is required in an oil environment.

R95-8240: Economical R95 mask with anti-collapse housing design for increased durability.

R95-8246: contains activated carbon adsorption layer to filter acid gases.

R95-8247: Activated carbon adsorption layer can filter harmful organic vapors.

P95-8271: Equipped with breathing valve, M nose clip and braided headband for added comfort.

P95-8576: P95 mask for acid gas, equipped with breathing valve, M nose clip and braided headband, comfortable and durable.

P95-8577: P95 mask with organic vapor protection, equipped with breathing valve, M nose clip and braided headband, comfortable and durable.


Medical N95 mask

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Medical N95 masks have more fluid resistance / water resistance than other industrial N95 masks. They are protective against blood and other infectious liquid splashes and splashes, can block some airborne biological particles, and comply with CDC's tuberculosis. Control guidelines, FDA approved N95 masks for surgery.

N95-1860: The most popular medical N95 mask, traditional cup design.

N95-1870+: It adopts a folding three-dimensional structure design, which reduces the fogging problem of the glasses, and is portable and comfortable.

N95-1804/1805: economical folding medical N95 mask, very portable, 1805 is the old version, is being replaced by 1804, there are 1805S and 1804S versions suitable for small face people.

For the protection of bacterial and germs, the protective effect of medical N95 masks should be the best. However, it is not necessary for ordinary people to choose this type. For the prevention of droplets and airborne diseases, medical N95 masks and industrial N95 masks are both N95 standards, which can only filter 95% of particles; and everyone generally does not encounter a large amount of The situation of liquid splashing is not the same as that of a doctor who is likely to have a large amount of blood and body fluid splashing due to the use of electric medical equipment during surgery.

If you want the best protection, choose an industrial N100 mask or a P100 mask. Isn't the version that can filter 99.97% particles more realistic? However, it is already hard to breathe after wearing the N95 mask, and the breathability of the N100 and P100 should be worse. It is recommended that friends consider it carefully.


3M N95 Mask Recommendation

The following is a 3M official website N95 mask ~ P100 mask model selection guide for your reference:

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3M N95 mask purchase:

Economical N95 masks: 8200, 8210, 8110S, 8210plus

More comfortable N95 masks with breathing valve: 8511, 8210V, 8211, 9211+

Foldable portable N95 mask: 9210+, 9211+, 9105, 9105S

R95 masks capable of filtering oily particles at the same time: 8240, 8246, 8247

Very oil-resistant P95 masks: 8271, 8576, 8577

Highest protection effect N100, P100 masks: N100-8233, P100-8293


NIOSH Certified N95 Mask Brand Model

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After reading this guide on N95 masks, I believe that everyone has an understanding of the various models of 3M N95 masks, so don't be confused anymore!


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