March 3rd, 2020

Wearing masks can prevent coronavirus! Reminder 6 common mistakes

The outbreak of new coronavirus in 2019 is severe, and now it is the season of flu, masks have entered a wave of snap buying. However, even if you buy a mask and use it incorrectly, it will not have any protective effect. It may even make the mask a "pathogen" and instead become a source of infection.


6 common mistakes you make when wearing a mask

Health issued a reminder that masks are a protection against droplets, and ordinary droplets are so small that they are not necessarily visible. Therefore, to ensure that they can fully resist droplets, masks have room to play a role.


First mistake: touch the mask without disinfecting your hands, especially the inside

There are actually many more bacteria and viruses on our hands than we think. Since wearing a mask is to prevent droplets from transmitting, it means that many invisible germs in the air are dissipating, and of course, it will also be contaminated on the hands; so if you wear a mask Sometimes, I touch the mask without disinfecting my hand, especially the inside of the mask, but put the germs directly in the mask.


Second mistake: After removing the mask, touch your eyes, mouth and nose without disinfecting your hands

If the mask really works, it helps to stop the "droplets with viruses". When you remove the mask, you touch the "droplets" again, and then you use your hands to get food, dig nostrils, and rub your eyes. There is a chance to invade the mucous membranes of the nose and nose and the conjunctiva of the eyes! In any case, after removing the mask, be sure to wash your hands with soap or disinfect your hands with alcohol before touching other parts or objects.


Third mistake: No tight fit around the nose, no iron bars

The reason to wear a mask is because the mucous membranes of the nose and nose are very susceptible to germs. If there is no tight seal around the nose, it means that the air will still penetrate, which is equivalent to the effect of protecting the nose. Be sure to press the iron bar tightly. Make sure there is no air leak around the nose and it is completely tight.


The fourth mistake: there is no closeness around the cheeks

In addition to around the nose, the gap around the cheek is also a place many people overlook. The New Taipei City Association of Pharmacists said that standard surgical masks are tied to the back of the head with four cotton ropes to truly fit the entire face, but in general masks are hung on the ears with two elastic bands. It is best to choose a mask tied with a cotton rope, or a round mask, or use medical tape to tightly surround the surrounding.


Fifth mistake: wearing masks

Most of the medical masks and surgical masks have the colored side facing outwards, and the side is made of water-resistant non-woven fabric. It feels a bit like plastic when you feel it, so it has an anti-fog function.


Sixth mistake: use a mask for several days

The effect of medical masks will decrease with the length of use. Depending on the grade, there are different use times. There is a period of use ranging from 4 hours to 28 days. It is recommended to read the instructions or ask the manufacturer first.

If there are 6 cases, be sure to replace them immediately.


1:When you wear a mask and feel it is difficult to start breathing

2:The mask is broken or damaged

3:When the mask is slack and cannot fit on the face

4.Bloodstains or body fluids (including clearly visible droplets) splashing onto the mask

5:Use in an isolation ward or contact a respiratory patient with a mask must be replaced immediately because the mask is contaminated

6:If the mask itself contains activated carbon, it must be replaced if there is an odor


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