March 26th, 2020

Big News! 80,000 KN95 Masks Donated by Tinkleo Have Arrived In Italy!


We are one world!

We are family!

We will fight together!


      Following the donation of 30,000 KN95 Masks to the Pinghu Subdistrict Office,Tinkleo Technology recently donated 80,000 KN95 masks to local Italian and medical institutions to support the local fight against the epidemic. The first batch of anti-epidemic materials arrived at the local hospital on March 25.


     After the outbreak of the COVID2019 in Europe, Italy is facing a shortage of medical supplies and equipment. The latest data released by the Italian Ministry of Health showed that on March 26, the total number of people diagnosed with Coronavirus in Italy was 74386, with 7503 deaths, and a mortality rate of 10.08% .As an international export-oriented technology company, Tinkleo Technology urgently raised KN95 masks to support Italy's fight against the epidemic after the domestic epidemic was effectively controlled. After the matchmaking of employees, Tinkleo Technology reached the donation intention with the Italian local government and medical institutions, and then organized the factory non-stop, and quickly integrated the logistics resources, and quickly sent the masks from China through ocean shipping.


     80,000 KN95 Masks of the total shipments have been allocated to northern Italy and sent in two batches, all of which have been received by local hospitals. Tinkleo hopes that these masks will help protect the most vulnerable people and reduce the burden on Italian medical staff. Ruijie Xu CEO said ," Today, we must all be united and do everything we can to help. I wholeheartedly hope that this epidemic will end as soon as possible and we can all return to normal life."


     In addition to donating 80,000 masks to Italy, Tinkleo is also organizing similar donations to Spain, France, and Germany. Each country will receive about 10,000 masks, which is expected to help in alleviating the situation in these countries.

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