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November 27th, 2019

5 minutes to learn about Android TV box (with purchase suggestions)

Before I introduced what the TV box for you is, some friends asked me to submit what is the Android TV box. For this reason, I also prepared this article. Android TV box carries the traditional TV box with Android system launched by Google. Through the connection with the Internet, the TV becomes a smart platform like smartphones and tablet computers. It combines network and TV to become a new entertainment system.

Android TV box

What are the benefits of using an Android TV box?

The programs watched by traditional TV are fixed. They can neither access the Internet nor dominate TV programs according to consumers' own preferences. They do not have content and applications that can be loaded. Therefore, more and more people choose to buy TV boxes, because, with TV boxes, we can determine the programs we like to watch without being disturbed by annoying advertisements. We can install the apps you need in the Google play store to realize the TV of "unlimited content, unlimited application."

What are the features of the Android TV box? How does it work? What does it allow us to do?

  1. Connect to the network through WiFi or wired Ethernet

Android TV box can be connected to the network through WiFi or limited Ethernet to realize browser access, online video, online playback, and other functions. From my point of view, the WiFi connection network may not be so smooth sometimes, and an Ethernet connection can ensure a more stable signal.

  1. Video can be played

It supports 1080p Ultra HD or even 4K cinema and can play RMVB, ASF, Avi, MP4, WMV, and other video files. Of course, not all Android TV boxes can support 4K. Beelink GT King pro and H96 Max are supported. You need to see the product description when choosing.

Beelink GT-King Pro


  1. The music playing is also supported

Support music playing, which is one of the most basic functions of Android TV box, and supports mp3, WAV, and other standard audio file formats.

  1. Read HD pictures

It supports BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, and other forms of image browsing, which is very good for photography lovers or friends who have the ultimate pursuit of beauty and can feel the final visual effect.

Android TV box supports HD picture reading

  1. Find and watch online video

High definition online video can be played by accessing high-definition websites, such as Youtube, through the Internet.

  1. Support HDMI output

HDMI can output audio and video signals to HDTV, and the visual effect can be compared with cinema.

  1. Memory expansion

If you think the physical memory is not large enough, you can use an external SD card and mobile hard disk to store data and files. In general, high-end devices will provide large internal hard drives, which means you need to spend more money.

2019 Newest H96 Mini Android TV box

The above 7 points are the functions of the Android TV box that I summarized. Does it look complicated? In fact, it is effortless. You can operate according to the product manual, or you can find relevant video tutorials on the Internet. Here I would like to make a special note of the H96 Max Android TV box, which is the cheapest 4GB memory, Android 9.0 supports 4K smart TV set-top box.

Although you should have a deep understanding of the Android TV box, it is very suitable for a home entertainment center. If you are going to buy a product like this, I will give you some purchase suggestions, hoping to help you purchase an Android TV box:

  1. Try to choose more TV boxes

People have higher and higher requirements for the definition of TV. Many TVs also provide HDMI HD interfaces. In terms of hardware, many box products can meet the demand. However, different manufacturers and TV source cooperation organizations have separate HD storage and technology. Some manufacturers can provide HD TV viewing experience, but there are few viewing sources, So we should pay attention to this point when shopping.

  1. Select appropriate hardware configuration

Just like the computers we choose for mobile phones, the hardware configuration is also an important indicator. The number of CPU cores is upgraded step by step from a single-core, dual-core to four center, and the memory capacity is gradually increased from 256 to 1g to 2G. In theory, of course, the higher the order of magnitude, the better, because it can keep up with the development speed, and the machine will not be eliminated. If your budget is sufficient, you can consider buying Android TV boxes with high configuration models. If the budget is not so enough, you should consider the cost-effectiveness. Don't blindly pursue high configuration, just barely.

CPU of Android TV box

  1. Understand the relevant expansion functions

Although the most important function of Android set-top box selection is the playback ability of its HD content, some expansion functions, such as: whether the set-top box supports hard disk playback, whether it supports LAN function, whether it can browse pictures, browse websites, etc., must also be considered. Because the right Android set-top box can not only watch high-definition videos on the network but also meet more network applications.

  1. Support firmware upgrade

HD network set-top box hardware technology has been very mature, but there is still room for further improvement of software, especially the strong compatibility and scalability of network set-top box, which can be realized through a firmware upgrade. Therefore, when choosing an Android TV box, you need to take into account whether it can support firmware upgrade. The model you buy now may not support some function, but the relevant fault can be solved through a firmware upgrade.

There are so many introductions about the Android TV box, and I hope it can help related friends. If you have any opinions on the content, please leave a message to discuss.

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