3M 1860(S)
May 8th, 2020

How to collaborate with Tinkleo for 3M 1860(S) for a big order over 10,000,000pcs?


Product details:
· NIOSH Approved: N95
· FDA Cleared for use as surgical mask
· Helps protect against certain airborne biological particles
· Fluid resistant and disposable

3M 1860 Wholesale Price List for ref as below:
20,001 - 200,000 at $5.198/pc;
200,001 - 5,000,000 at $5.011/pc;
5,000,001 - 10,000,000 at $4.928/pc;
10,000,001 - 20,000,000 at $4.498/pc;
Above prices do not include tax and freight fees. Final prices would get changed by the unstable market (Updated on May 5). For more details, you could contact our representative by info@tinkleo.com.

As the government and the chamber of commerce are coming out always just for official business, it is impossible for commercial interests. For all 3M's foreign trade orders, we can only take the all the 3M items from the agents. And Tinkleo will deal with your 3M big orders with China's General Agent

excluding taxes around $5.198/pc, the final price wiil be based on contract price. 

the order of 3M 1860(S) must be placed from 10,000,000 minimum,  excluding taxes around $4.498/pc, and the final price wiil be based on contract price. 

Package Customs Clearance and Designated Freight for Arrival will get solved.
1. Sign purchase contract face-to-face with China's General Agent, online signing contract is also acceptable.
2. Intermediary contract would exist.
3. Purchase contract requires first payment of 30% and ship to the destination all agree. Finish another 70% of the final payment after QC.
4. A week later after the transaction, around 10 million masks are going delivered every day. 3M is able to global access to arrange the shipment. 

Medical Device Business License, Business License, Opening Permit License and Purchase Letter. 
If without them, it is hard or impossible for Tinkleo to help complete your information and go further step. 
You must pay an intention amount at 500,000RMB to China's General Agent to guarrantee your true purchase. 

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