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October 30th, 2019

The Best 5 Power Bank Recommended 2019


The Best 5 Power Bank Recommended 2019


Out of the door, less than a few moments of the clock, the phone will always be out of power, it is very irritating, this time always needs to have good use of charging treasure, and a good charging treasure is already a must for travel Supplies.

The principle and composition of power bank:

Principle: The principle of the mobile power supply is simple. When the external power supply can be found, the built-in battery is pre-charged, that is, the input power is stored in advance in the form of chemical energy. When needed, the battery provides energy and generates electric energy. The voltage converter (DC-DC converter) reaches the required voltage and is output from the output terminal (usually the USB interface) to supply the required equipment for power supply for charging or other purposes.

Basic composition: The mobile power supply has three basic functions, including energy storage, charging and power supply. The storage of energy requires a battery for energy storage. Like most of the current mobile power supplies, the battery is a lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) or a lithium-ion polymer battery (Li-PO), and a small part of the mobile power supply uses nickel. In the early days of hydrogen batteries (Ni-MH), some mobile power supplies used a primary battery.


   1.The Best Speaker Power Bank


 In outdoor sports, music is also an essential element, and this combination of mobile power and small speakers makes all the problems easier.

♔2 in 1 Power bank Speaker
♔Double HORN Theater Sound 
♔Support 20 hours of continuous play
♔Support TF Card playback
♔Aux wired connection
♔Intelligent compatibility


♔There may be no excess power to play music after the battery is finished.


2.The Best Wireless Power Bank 

  In modern fast life, wireless has become a convenient life.


  ♔wireless & quick charging

  ♔Two output ports

  ♔10000maA Large Capacity

  ♔Digital Power visible

  ♔Resistance to falling



  ♔Limited output ports


3.The Best Mini Power Bank


  In modern life, small means more convenient.


  ♔Mini Size, Easy Carry


  ♔Cylinder Design

  ♔Bright Color


  ♔Small Capacity


4.The Best Creative Power Bank 


A charging treasure that can be heated is a very creative idea.


  ♔Bright colors

  ♔Hand Warm Function

  ♔Intelligent temperature control

  ♔Hanging Design


  ♔No battery display


 5.The Best Sport Power Bank


   Outdoor sports, waterproof function is indispensable.


  ♔Exquisite design

  ♔Bluetooth speaker function

  ♔Double fast charging

  ♔Hands-free call available


  ♔A bit expensive


 Overall, You can choose more mobile power bank to make your life convenience.

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