February 25th, 2022

The world's largest mask manufacturer, why is BYD?

From nothing to producing 100 million masks a day, how did the Chinese car company BYD become the global mask king?

At that time, the epidemic was raging, and thousands of companies switched to mask production. The mask machine could only be purchased in two months at the earliest. BYD dispatched more than 30,000 engineers to draw drawings in 3 days, and made the mask machine in 7 days.

The core raw material of masks, filter meltblown cloth, has risen from 20,000 tons to 700,001 tons. It is still not available. It took BYD three weeks to create meltblown cloth. After two months, BYD can produce every day. 100 million masks, three months later, became the world's largest mask factory.

BYD is a typical family-owned factory in China. One factory solves all problems such as raw materials, equipment, and processing. Wang Chuanfu said that as long as the country needs it, we can mobilize all supply chains and make anything.

Corresponding to family factories is the family supply chain. After investigation, historian Shi Zhan found that China's supply chain is irreplaceable. The factories moved to Vietnam are mainly the links in the supply chain with low technical requirements and high labor costs. China is still the factory of the world.


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