March 19th, 2020

Three Ways to Get N95 Face Masks at Tinkleo, the Cheapest to Be at $0.15 Per Piece

In March 2020, the COVID-19(Coronavirus Disease 2019) outbreak proceeds faster and faster. Tinkleohaving partnership with some qualified face mask brands, takes effort to offer global customers’ timely support and services for the purchase of antivirus masks. Now there are three ways for you to get N95 masks at Tinkleo, the cheapest to be at $0.15 per piece.

Make A Purchase At Regular Price

If masks in large quantities for special purpose or daily use for family members, no matter the face masks are 3M N95 or other N95 brands, N95 masks or disposable daily masks, you are getting access to visit Tinkleo mall and buy them directly. Here is the mask aggregating page for your easy reference to select your pieces.

Enter Tinkleo Top Brands Lucky Spin to Win

For a small kit of masks, we highly recommend you to visit Tinkleo Regular Lucky Spin page and arrive at the Top Brands Lucky Spin module to take a try. It is possible for each paid participant to win up to 70 pieces of N95 masks at only $9.99 to spin. The prize masks will be shipped by free shipping. 

We make a calculation that the price of one N95 face mask is less than $0.15 for the lucky winner. Absolutely, it seems to get an N95 mask free. Enter Tinkleo Top Brands Lucky Spin to win and good luck! 

Face Masks GIVEAWAY for Tinkleo Quarter Members Only

Any QUARTER member of Tinkleo Prime(since March 12) takes the chance to get a certain number of free face masks while supplies last, including 3M N95(5 pieces), SB N95(5 pieces), CM N95(5 pieces) and disposable daily masks(20 pieces) at random. Be a quarter member of Tinkleo Prime now!

Having good personal hygiene habits is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease. Be sure to keep proper ventilation in house, wash your hands frequently, and wear a mask if go outside, better with an N95 face mask to ensure you get higher protection.


As another online shopping mall, Tinkleo is known to the public for its comprehensive collection of products, reasonable price and instant after-sales service. It has been greatly welcomed by the customers worldwide. The loyal customers often make a new purchase and refer their friends to buy. In 2019, the Digital collections for tv box series are greatly favored by North American and European customers, as well as Home and Outdoor. The niche category of Daily Care for pill boxes have received customers’ frequent consultation and highly recognition.

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