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December 30th, 2019

10 Desktop File Organizer For a Small or Home Office

When we are working, there are always a lot of paper documents around us, so we will spend some time looking for materials which we can save, can't we?

Therefore, it is particularly necessary to sort out the paper data. Therefore, we need to prepare a desktop file organizer, so that the files can be placed by category, more comfortable to find, save not only time but also make the desktop cleaner.

Below, I offer ten desktop file organizer for small offices or home offices. I hope you find one that works for you.

  1. Multifunctional Card Organizer

This kind of multi-purpose document is made of polyester material, so it looks very soft, smooth, and durable. The interior adopts the multi-layer design, which can be assembled flexibly according to actual needs. That is to say, the internal layer is detachable.

The document package is password-locked, which not only saves your files but also protects them. This desktop file organizer is straightforward to carry because it has a single handle and two handles on the back, making it easy to carry around.

More importantly, use password locks when designing, so that you can better protect confidential documents even if you are visiting clients, traveling, and traveling.

Multifunctional Card Organizer

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  1. Accordion File Organizer

The file organizer is popular because it has 24 layers of storage, holds about 3,000 pieces of paper, and comes with a small color tag so you can sort your files with a stylish look and stick it on a post-it note, so it's easy to find.

Of course, it is also durable, made of 700D polyester and polypropylene (PP), which is not only environmentally friendly and non-toxic but also non-radioactive, not easy to break and deformation.

So, if you like color every day, this desktop file organizer is for you.

Accordion File Organizer

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  1. Metal File Holder

A metal file organizer is also great for storing files, magazines, and books. This metal shelf I recommend is made of high-quality iron, so it is also durable and easy to clean.

If you look at its appearance, it is designed with gridlines, which is very beautiful and can effectively save office space and simplify the process of finding materials.

Of course, you don't have to worry about it being heavy because it's hollow, so it's easy to move around.

Metal File Holder

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  1. Kids File Holder

From the name, we know that this folder is designed for children. It is made of lightweight plastic, beautifully designed, with various color elements, and looks fashionable and bright. Children will love it very much because they can store their favorite comic books here.

Kids File Holder

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  1. Small Wrought Iron Bookshelf

When I saw this Small Wrought Iron Bookshelf for the first time, I was attracted by its exquisite appearance. It was welded with high-quality Iron wire, so I did not need to worry about whether it was intense and durable.

We all know that triangles are very stable, so this shelf takes advantage of the excellent stability of triangles so you can put your favorite books, magazines, etc. on top of them without worrying about them turning over.

Small Wrought Iron Bookshelf

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  1. File Organizer Folder

This desktop file organizer uses a hollow design, PP plastic material, durable, ample space. At the bottom, there are tabs that you can mark to help you sort and organize your files. It comes in black and grey.

File Organizer Folder

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  1. Metal Wire Mesh Three-grid File

This file rack, suitable for sorting and storing personal folders, magazines, and product catalogs, can sufficiently improve office efficiency and save office space. Metal material, durable, quality assurance. As we can see from the photo, it is netted in appearance, so it is extreme; Mesh hollow design can better ventilation and moisture.

Metal Wire Mesh Three-grid File

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  1. Cardboard File Holder

Yes, you read that right, it's a cardboard folder. It's a choice of eco-friendly cartons, light and durable, covered with colorful cardboard and waterproof matt membrane for all documents and magazines. The design of the file rack is classic and straightforward. The frame is resistant to moisture, corrosion, water, moth, and lightweight, which means it can be placed in any room.

Cardboard File Holder

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  1. Universal File Organizer

This desktop file organizer is useful because it can hold not only files but also pens and other office items. If you need to keep things together to make your desktop cleaner, this file organizer is perfect.

Universal File Organizer

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  1. Memo Clip Holder

Finally, I'd like to introduce you to a convenient shelf for holding photos. Of course, you can also put a little paper on it. This clip is made of high-quality iron material, which is very durable and easy to use.

You need to push the photo or document down from the top. This metal clip can also be used as a decoration for your desk. It looks lovely because of its animal appearance.

Memo Clip Holder

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Above is the introduction of desktop file organizer of 10 small office or home office, hope to help you buy office supplies. If you have any suggestions or comments, please leave a comment below.

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