March 28th, 2020

Tinkleo Mall decides to give N95 and disposable masks away globally by Face Masks Lucky Spin, unlimited masks as prizes!

In March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak proceeds dramatically fast, striking full force across the globe to create one new record after another. All confirmed cases worldwide have already risen to 500,000 and more(including over 80,000 china cases) by the end of March. During this difficult period of the global coronavirus pandemic outbreak, the Chinese government, as well as big companies and groups, has donated a great deal of medical supplies to overseas countries and local governments to help them battle the coronavirus epidemic, with emergency stuff as face masks, protective clothing sets, nucleic acid testing kits and other aid. Facing the crisis of Covid-19, the PR department of Tinkleo organized a meeting for the topic “how to help global people to better fight against the Covid-19 pandemic more genuinely and practically”.

Jerry Xu, founder of tinkleo, is here to discuss the epidemic related issues and assistance measures

Through analysis of Tinkleo mall data to get learned: since March, "face masks" and "N95" in the keyword search at Tinkleo have moving forward to top 1. Many overseas customers place orders for face masks in a rather fast, accurate and efficient way, less than three minutes for a purchase. The quantity of most face masks orders has reached over 50, which is in line with one person’s monthly needs in public. With the increasing orders for face masks and frequent consultations, Tinkleo is very happy to bring customers a timely shopping experience to meet their general consumption needs. One more important thing, the data reveals that the nervousness of overseas people facing Covid-19 pandemic gets increased. All data shows the fact that people in various countries have begun to taking wearing a face mask into consideration.

If following a normal donation process, Tinkleo will have to spend a lot of time on much relevant work for detailed confirmation and communication of a targeted organization. As a matter of fact, donation to a serious epidemic region will only focus on helping people locally at a very small amount. It is unable to help more overseas people to get face masks instantly, but many people in another corner of the world also need face masks urgently to protect themselves from infection. For its rapid spread of the coronavirus disease around the world, Tinkleo made its final decision to draw on the successful experience of Tinkleo Regular Lucky Spin, which is about one year old with highly recommendation and recognition by all participants. Running one more regular sweepstakes for Tinkleo Face Masks Lucky Spin will get people worldwide access to join it and win free face masks right now. Tinkleo plans to make it online at the end of March or early April. At Tinkleo Face Masks Lucky Spin, everyone gets access to join and takes the chance to win N95 masks or disposable daily masks 100 percent. The winners will get the masks prizes by the last step to finish shipment payment. Tinkeo mall will arrange the shipment the first time for winners. The face masks prizes are unlimited while they are running out of inventory on a first come first served basis.

On March 28, 16K + members have joined Tinkleo Regular Lucky Spin and the Evergreen score is 88.

As the founder of Tinkleo online mall, Jerry Xu made a conclusion for the spirit of the meeting: "As a start-up cross-border e-commerce company, it is hard for us to complete donations for targeted regions like big companies as Xiaomi, Haier, etc. However, we can help every overseas member to the greatest extent in a different way through Tinkleo Face Masks Lucky Spin. I rather love one line of poetry by ancient Roman philosopher Seneca, which was also printed on the donation box to Italy by Xiaomi: we are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden. We in the global village are all members of an intimate community of shared destiny. As long as all of us join hands to work together, we can overcome the pandemic and all difficulties to welcome Spring. I hope that Tinkleo Mall is not only one of customers’ favorite online shopping malls, but also can be friends with customers. We will help them when they are in trouble. We also hope our friends are willing to share their stories with Tinkleo at all times. "

In the past days, most people consider that “A mask is not necessary if you are not sick”, but the new coronavirus is most often spread through droplets and surfaces. Therefore, wearing a mask is becoming more and more essential. Tinkleo remind you that having good personal hygiene habits is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease. Be sure to keep proper ventilation in house, wash your hands frequently, a certain social distance and wear a mask if go outside, better with an N95 face mask to ensure you get higher protection.


As another online shopping mall, Tinkleo is known to the public for its comprehensive collection of products, reasonable price and instant after-sales service. It has been greatly welcomed by the customers worldwide. The loyal customers often make a new purchase and refer their friends to buy. In 2019, the Digital collections for tv box series are greatly favored by North American and European customers, as well as Home and Outdoor. The niche category of Daily Care for pill boxes have received customers’ frequent consultation and highly recognition.



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