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December 3rd, 2019

H96 Max Android TV box: Seven Common problems and Solutions

When it comes to everyday home entertainment electronic devices, a TV box is perhaps the most important one, because it can make the TV intelligent, let us watch a video, play games more fluent. Therefore, there is a growing demand for TV boxes. H96 MAX is one of the most popular androids TV boxes. This TV box has a lovely appearance, fast response time, and abundant content. Below, Tinkleo takes H96 MAX as an example to sort out some common problems and solutions in the use of android TV boxes.

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Common problems with the H96 MAX Android TV box and solutions

Question 1: the indicator light is normal, but there is no video output

Solution: if the connection is normal and there is no video output, please check whether the TV has switched to HDMI output mode (most TVs need to select the signal source, some will automatically switch) and then check whether the HDMI connection to the TV box is normal.

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Question 2: network connection failure, how to operate?

Solution: if you're connected via wired Ethernet, check if wired Ethernet is connected to the TV and the H96 MAX Android TV box, and make sure the Ethernet is intact. Secondly, please confirm whether PPPOE dialing is required for Internet access. If so, please connect the network cable to the router for dialing and then compare it from the router. Connect to the set-top box; Finally, make sure that the router IP address assignment policy is to acquire the IP address dynamically. If you are connected through WIFI, you should check whether the password of the WIFI account is entered correctly.

It's recommended to use a wired Ethernet connection. I gave you this suggestion in 5 minutes to learn about Android TV box (with purchase suggestions).

Question 3: how to install the software for the TV box?

Solution: you can download apps from the TV box app market. The way to do this is to press the HOME button on the included remote control, then under apps, select the Google Play store, and then choose which apps you want to install.

Question 4: how does the TV box connect to the TV set?


  1. A TV set with HDMI cable jack can connect the TV set to the TV box through HDMI cable.
  2. Old TV sets without HDMI cable jack can be connected to the TV set and TV box by AV cable (three-color cable).

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Question 5: H96 MAX Android TV box get stuck after prolonged use

Solution: This is a common problem with android. Whether it's a phone or a TV box, you can try unplugging it, turning it off and restarting it, or installing third-party cleanup software, many of which keep the box running smoothly.

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Question 6: how to watch the TV box live?

Solution: the problem isn't limited to TV boxes. Almost all TV boxes can't be directly watched live, which requires the help of third-party software like Youtube.

Question 7:How to cancel the automatic upgrade of the TV box?

Solution: first connect to the TV, click to enter the Settings of the TV box, then click "network" to open the Network Settings, find the current connection wifi and enter the Settings, change the IP acquisition mode to "manual," and finally change the DNS value to "".

These are some of the most common problems with the H96 MAX Android TV box, and if you do, try Tinkleo's advice. There are also some bad situations caused by lousy usage habits, such as not turning off the TV box for a long time, or putting the TV box beside the electronic device with magnetic field interference, etc. Tinkleo will explain these problems in detail in the future. If you have any other questions about the H96 MAX android TV box, feel free to leave a comment on your blog.

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