KW10 smartwatch for women
November 8th, 2019

What does a smartwatch for women look like?

Some people think women's smartwatches just need to look good. It sounds discriminatory to me. Why do smartwatches have to look good for women? Are there no requirements for other functions? Or are they redundant for women? So, I think this view is discriminatory. Anyway, I would like to recommend a beautiful smartwatch for women. What does it look like? Take a look!

KW10 smartwatch for women

It is KW10, which is favored by many women. It is suitable for IOS and Android devices. Isn't it exquisite?

1. appearance introduction:

First, a brief introduction of KW10, the thickness of the entire table is only 10.8mm, the length of 45mm, the width of 38mm, so women will not wear wrist pressure.

smartwatch size

  1. Body:

The watch body is made of stainless steel, very wear-resistant, so don't worry about fading; The surface adopts the unique 1.04" color half-radian screen design, which is very exquisite. There are four colors to choose from, namely gold, black, silver, and white.

dynamic dials

  1. Watch strap:

The KW10 women's smartwatch comes with two straps, one stainless steel, and one belt. Stainless steel strap, ultra-thin, only 15.9mm wide, so it looks very delicate, very show the elegant temperament of the lady; The leather strap is lighter, more flexible, and softer.

Step motion meter

  1. Dial:

The KW10 has five dynamic dials, each with a corresponding screen, which can be switched freely to show different styles, perfectly combining the elements of technology and fashion.

     2. Function introduction:

  1. IP68 waterproof:

KW10 is waterproof with the highest grade IP68, so washing hands, raining, swimming, and other daily life scenarios will not affect its regular work, so you can enjoy walking in the rain and floating freely.

The KW10 smartwatch is waterproof

  1. Physiological reminder:

This function needs to be connected to the APP, after which you need to set your personal physiological time and cycle, KW10 will automatically display your current physiological stage, become your close guardian, predict and remind you of your physiological cycle, and record your personal physiological cycle.

  1. Sleep monitor:

The default sleep monitoring time of KW10 is from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. If you wear it to sleep, it can synchronize every data of your sleep time and quality to the APP, so that you can check your sleep status and arrange your sleep time more scientifically and reasonably.

Sleep monitor

  1. Multi-exercise mode:

Support for running, climbing, cycling, swimming, and other exercise patterns allows you to monitor and record your daily exercise more scientifically. For example, while running, the KW10 precise G sensor can accurately record daily steps, calories, and distance, so that you can adjust your running time and pace, which is also connected to the APP.

If you're sitting for a long time, the KW10's built-in smart sensor will remind you to stay active and healthy.

  1. Heart rate monitor:

The KW10 can keep track of the heart rate throughout the day, and you can check the heart rate data of each test at any time. A woman's smartwatch should be worn tightly on her wrist during heart rate monitoring.

Heart rate monitor

  1. Notification synchronization:

After linking to the APP, if a message arrives, you need to raise your wrist to check it. You can see all notifications on KW10, and you can check for unread messages in the message view screen. It is important to note that KW10 can display up to three unread messages and only the latest ones.

Function and parameters about KW10 here and not all said very clearly, you can view the KW10 user manual 

Now that you know about such a beautiful woman's smartwatch, if you're a woman, why not buy one? Wear it, and you will be more outstanding; If you are a man, you can take it as

1, valentine's day gift: give your special girl a surprise, on her birthday, send her a KW10 is the best birthday gift, she will love it.

A birthday present

2, Christmas gift: Christmas is more than a month away, you can send KW10 as a Christmas gift to her when she received this fashionable, exquisite Christmas gift, you will get her slowly love, is not it?

For more on smartwatches, stay tuned to Tinkleo's blog.

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