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Customer Questions & Answers

Are these masks in stock?

Yes, we have prepared a large inventory, If you want more quantity, please contact us first.

what is your shipment way, can it arrive quickly?

For the wholesale order, normally we use DHL (7-10 Working days)

How do I pay

You can pay through bank Transfer.

Are these masks fake? Have any certifications?

We can 100% guarantee that all the masks are produced from the original factory, All of them undergone rigorous testing and meet the requirements of the importing and exporting country. They all have a complete certificate.(CE,FDA,ect)

Can these masks be shipped to the US and Europe?

Yes, they can carry out normal import and export declarations.

About Tinkleo

Tinkleo was founded in 2013 with customer first & integrity-based mission to create the platform, which was focus on the American market at the starts, but now our team has been grew up and shifted to the business to more than 220 countries and regions. Since our inception, we have become one of the leading E-commerce platforms that selling a wide range of products such as fashion items, home supplies, office & school supplies, health & beauty supplies, electronic products, baby & toddler products, etc. Here at Tinkleo we are excited to serve wholeheartedly for you by our rich experience, and help you Buy Best and Save Most!

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